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Because none of us can stay untouched knowing that a multitude of orphan and poor children in the Third World, and particularly in Africa…

  • Do not have a place to stay, but hang around in the streets alone, without parents and a home to take shelter; they sleep outside, having the earth as their bed and the sky as their covering…
  • Often have ants for lunch, because there is nothing else to eat…
  • Do not have access to education, because they lack the necessary notebook and pencil, so as to be accepted to school…
  • Every day many of them die from malaria, because there is not a single pill, which could save their lives…
  • Face the great danger of wizards, who during the night seek to find and abduct orphan children, so as to sacrifice them in their rituals…
  • Live under the most wretched conditions, doomed by the hard reality of their idolater religion…

We decided to join forces all together, and in the name of the God of Love, our Lord Jesus Christ, create a worldwide brotherhood of love and compassion, whose aim is to grant to as many orphan and poor children joy and hope for a better feature!

Thus, we founded the Orthodox Christian Missionary Brotherhood "THE LIGHT OF CHRIST" (“Fos Christu”), a non-profitable, non-governmental organization, based on the island of Rhodes in Greece.

Three Orphanages "LIGHT OF CHRIST" ready to host poor and orphan children!

The first Orphanage in Degeya, Uganda.

The second Orphanage in Kambonge, Uganda.

The third Orphanage in Monde, Uganda.

For the orphan children from the streets, who do not have where to sleep and hang around in rags, without food and family comfort, we have built the first three orphanages, for them to find some love and warmth. A further two are currently being built thanks to your help… more

In a country like Uganda, where a great percentage of the population has been infected with malaria, typhus, cholera, AIDS, and other epidemic diseases, the lack of hospitals and clinics is a great problem. Hospitals are hard to find, and even harder to find are medicines and medical care. For this reason the death rate among our brothers, the natives, is tremendously high…

When noon comes and you have nothing else to eat, eating winged ants is a way to fill the children’s’ empty stomach.

After a heavy rain that caused the ants to come out of their nests, a multitude of small children and grown-ups started to eat voraciously this strange food. For these children we organized after a rich and nutritious meal with lots of meat, rice, and bananas… more

One tractor

One corn-mill

One pig farm

Trying to feed the children of five orphanages is not an easy job. They need meat, beans, vegetables, fruits, and a lot more…

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Project for the Protection of poor and orphan children of the Orthodox Missionary Brotherhood

Project Manager Mrs Nicoleta Psillaki
Mob. 0030 6944369249
E-mail: fos_christu@yahoo.gr


From Greece:
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From rest of the World: IBAN: GR88026035700006

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